Galería con detalle expandible

Ejemplo correspondiente a: Javascript: Galería de imágenes con detalle ampliable (Jquery).


  • Ajuste automático del número de imágenes en cada línea.
  • Vista ampliada en el rollover del enlace con imagen.

Galería de ejemplo

Verso il passo Pordoi

Dal Sass Pordoi guardando giù verso il Passo

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~Scaeva pyrastri~

A rather large Hoverfly with an enormous noggin, I mean her head was huge, massive. However, I loved the eyes and the really awesome pollen spheres on her eyes, I will upload a few full body shots later :)

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Evening Light

After a cloudy afternoon, the most amazing evening light followed!! --- Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (Oct 2008).

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Another one from the library..

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A calm sun rise in Glasgow

A sun rise shot of Glasgow's river Clyde. Taken from the centre of the Bell's Bridge.

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Iran, Tabriz, Lagoon Guri Gol

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Horseshoe Bend

I can't leave a series from Horseshoe Bend without posting at least this one view of the whole bend. This is before sunrise, but even then, the contrast can be really difficult. I deal with that issue, mostly by leaving the sky out of my compositions.

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A Field full of Cushions

A Field full of Cushions. The locals call them mother-in-law cushions. They are full of stickers.

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The Lake Below

Derwentwater sky, hills and lake...

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Downtown Atlanta

Just before the Bridge Collapse at 17th Street this same evening less than a fourth of a mile north of here on this same highway.

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Sunrise and Balloons

over the Maasai Mara, Kenya

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Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly on Loosestrife

This little tiny butterfly is just gorgeous! I was lucky to catch him on my flowers!

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Pears and Bowls

More pears from our tree.

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Chicago Botanic Garden

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Musgo en las piedras

Y también algunos líquenes

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